Do you want to give a rustic atmosphere to your house? Decorating with raffia is an increasingly fashionable resource to achieve this effect. This natural fiber has a unique aesthetic and it’s also very easy to manipulate. Therefore, it’s the best ally to manufacture all kind of decorative elements. Lamps and mirrors are two of the most common.

Feeling of home

The use of raffia helps to achieve a cozy and warm style in any space, as well as being modern. In this way, it creates those spaces in which we all want to spend the afternoon, thanks to its atmosphere of a true home.

In addition, raffia also has a rustic aspect, which is perfect for adding personality to any home. Therefore, it can also be an excellent ally for second homes in the countryside.

What is raffia?

We’ve all heard of raffia as a decoration item, but what is it really? It is a fiber of natural origin, which is characterized by being very flexible and resistant. By intertwining its fibers, raffia fabric is also achieved, which can be used for all kind of decorations.

Among the properties of this material, the following stand out:

• Resists heat, so it’s very refreshing in summer.

• Can be used indoors and outdoors.

• It’s waterproof, so it’s not affected by water.

• It’s very resistant and flexible, so it doesn’t deform.

All these properties make raffia the perfect material for designing a comfortable, cozy and very pleasant space, perfect for any time of the year. Try introducing it into your home in details with a special design, such as a lamp or an element of wall decoration!

In addition, decorating with raffia is the best resource so that you can enjoy a cozy and modern house, with the most appropriate personality and aesthetics to become a space that reflects your personality. The perfect combination of rustic and modern touches!