Do you want a unique space to prepare your favorite dishes and share time with your family and friends? Decorate an open kitchen to the living room, and you will be able to create the perfect atmosphere for your evenings at home.

The importance of separating spaces

If your kitchen and living room form a single unit, it is important that you use some tricks so that each space is visually separated.
The floor is a good option to mark the kitchen area and differentiate it. In addition to the aesthetic contribution, it must also be taken into account that it is very functional. Materials such as microcement or ceramic are resistant and will prevent damage such as stains or scratches.
The installation of a central island is also one of the most common resources to separate rooms. In addition to being a very effective visual border, it also becomes a good storage area and even an informal table.

Visual uniformity to decorate an open kitchen

Always keep in mind that your kitchen, open to the living room, forms a unified space. Therefore, both rooms must have a decoration that favors visual continuity. This implies taking care in detail of the appearance of the area where you cook, since the whole world will see it.
Of course, it is also essential that the decorative styles are consistent with each other, although each of the spaces maintains its own personality. To do this, you can resort to elements such as furniture, lamps and aesthetic details, always with a finish, colors and lines with a certain similarity.

Follow these tips to decorate the open kitchen to the living room of your home. You will be able to create the perfect space, both in dimensions and aesthetics, to enjoy a cozy, comfortable and highly functional stay.