Do you want to renovate the bathroom without spending a lot of money or going through days of construction at home? It is easier than you think. A few simple changes in this room will give it a new, more modern look and full of life.

What changes to make to renovate the bathroom?

You can give a completely different air to your bathroom by replacing some elements, and adding some others without removing the existing ones. It is also worth changing the lighting and incorporating some aesthetic details.

Although it is not possible to move them without works, you can replace the toilet, bidet and sink with more modern models and cleaner lines. In this way, they will be less visually invasive and you will have the feeling of more space.

The toilets and taps

It is also advisable to install a glass screen instead of the traditional curtain. In this way, in addition to gaining in functionality, you will give it a much more modern and current image.

The lighting

Without a doubt, it is one of the most important changes you can make to change the look of your bathroom. Combine wall lamps with adjustable recessed spotlights and lamps with dichroic LED bulbs to achieve the most suitable points of light in each space. For example, this way you can put on makeup much more comfortably in front of the mirror.


Precisely, the bathroom mirror is one of the key elements of its design. In addition to its obvious essential functionality, it must be taken into account that it gives a feeling of spaciousness if you install it correctly. And if you choose one with a personalized design, it will allow you to give personality to the space, a basic plus in any decoration.

Are you still thinking about how you can renovate the bathroom in your house, but you don’t want to face big works? Keep these tips in mind to change the image of it