Round mirror STRING


El espejo redondo String está realizado en cuerda y combina a la perfección la esencia de minimalismo y ecología

The beauty of simplicity. The String is a round mirror model that seduces by its simple lines and versatility. It perfectly combines the natural touch provided by the framed string and the functional minimalism of its design. In this way, it becomes the perfect piece for any space of your home.

Why choosing a round mirror?

This is one of the most traditional ways of presenting mirrors. In addition, the surrounding rope also has a retro touch. Despite this, the String is a modern and very current piece. Its round line makes it possible to fit into any space of the house with total success.

Likewise, this type of mirrors manages to reflect the environment by setting it. Therefore, it is a good ally to get interesting optical effects in a room.

The triumph of naturalness

The String round mirror symbolizes the essence of naturalness. It is one of those pieces that manages to make you feel at home, for its simple elegance. Thanks to this, it combines perfectly with any style of decoration.

You can place a String in a minimalist Nordic air environment, but also in a boho, ethnic or even tribal room. The only limit is your imagination! Decide where to put your String

A customed mirror

The String mirror you hang in your house will be unique. Why? Essentially, it is a handmade piece, with all the love. In this way, we offer you an add-on made with you in mind. And not just that. You can also customize it by deciding its dimensions, so that it fits perfectly in your home.

Having a custom-made round mirror for your home is a luxury that you can reach very easily. You just have to decide where you’re going to put it in your house and start enjoying it.

Weight 1 kg

30cm/11.81in, 35cm/13.78in, 40cm/15.75in, 50cm/19.69in, 60cm/23.62in, 70cm/27.56in, 80cm/31.50in, 90cm/35.53in, 100cm/39.37in


Blanco, Gris claro, Gris, Negro, Beige, Amarillo, Naranja, Rojo, Violeta, Malva, Rosa, Fucsia, Azul, Verde, Marrón


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