Pendant light plug in scandinavian design CYLINDER

Pendant light plug in scandinavian design CYLINDER, minimalist, perfect for any space. You can hang it on top of the dining room table, in the living room, in the kitchen, in your bedroom, in an office, anywhere… to create a modern atmosphere, with a Nordic style, warm and welcoming.

You can personalize your lamp, choosing the skin colour, the cable colour, the size… You can also choose the finish of the textile cable: with ceiling mascopy, plug or switch and plug.

Modern hanging light PRISM has a universal video portal that runs on LED bulbs or low-cost bulbs, with any power, or classic (it is recommended to use up to 60W). Al the electrical components are homologated, so they are available in any country: 90V-240V.

The texture of the cotton lets out a glimpse of the light beam, because it is not opaque, which makes it even more special.
It is handmade, which makes it unique. It is a product born from the hand of a human, from its inspiration and its motivation for creating unique and special products.

Pendant light plug in scandinavian design CYLINDER is made with cotton, from an elaborate manual process consisting of various phases culminating this this unique work of art. There is nothing like it.

Elaborated with a lot of love… You will love it!

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The CYLINDER Nordic wall lamp will give personality to any room where you place it. Its minimalist lines typical of the Nordic style and its intense colors full of life also decorate the space where it is placed. It has a switch and plug, so you won’t have any problem hanging it on any wall. Customize it according to your tastes and decoration!

A bold design

If you are one of those people who do not settle for having the house the same as everyone else, you will surely take care of every detail of your decoration. A wall lamp like the CYLINDER model has a bold enough design to give personality to any room.

Hang this Nordic lamp from any wall of your house and you will get your visitors to automatically pose their eyes on it. Both its color and shape are the touch you need to light up your house and also decorate it. A perfect 2 in 1!

Customize your Nordic wall lamp

At Geometrik Design we create our lamps by hand, following a complex handmade process. This allows us to customize your CYLINDER and elaborate it according to your requirements. Do not hesitate to choose your color, measurements and characteristics of the cable, to get the lamp that fits perfectly in the room where you want to hang it.

In this way, you will have in your home a unique handcrafted piece, which has no other exactly the same in the market. Your own work of art!

At Geometrik Design we make your Nordic wall lamp with our own hands and a good dose of love… we want you to like it!


Maintenance recommendations

Your CYLINDER wall lamp is made with 100% natural glue and cotton. This makes it possible to get wet. We recommend that you wipe it with a dry cloth or a duster to avoid any damage.

Weight 0.9 kg
Yarn Color

Blanco, Gris claro, Negro, Beige, Amarillo, Naranja, Rojo, Violeta, Malva, Rosa, Fucsia, Azul claro, Azul, Verde, Marrón

Cable color

Blanco, Gris, Negro, Beig, Amarillo, Naranja, Rojo, Violeta, Rosa, Azul claro, Verde, Marron


20 x 12 cm – 7.87 x 4.72 in, 30 x 12 cm – 11.81 x 4.72 in, 45 x 20 cm – 17.72 x 7.87 in

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