Pendant lamp CHARLESTON


When we hear the word charleston, an image of the 1920s always comes to mind. The music, rhythm of the dance and aesthetics of the period gave rise to one of the most glamorous times in history. At Geometrik Design we wanted to pay tribute to it with the vintage Charleston ceiling lamp.

Charleston plays with textures and color to create a lamp that reminds us of the hats of that time, full of elegance. When you hang it in any room of your house, do not doubt that it will become its main protagonist.

Light and decoration in the same ceiling lamp

This vintage-style ceiling lamp releases beams of light through the fibers of the cotton with which it is made. In this way, it creates a very personal and intimate atmosphere, while still correctly illuminating the room.

And with this lamp you will not only have light. It is also the perfect complement to the decoration of any room. You can place it in the dining room, the room, the office… and in all rooms you will get a very elegant aesthetic effect. In fact, you can make it the centerpiece of your home decoration

Remember that Geometrik Design lamps are handmade following an artisanal process. And you collaborate on his design. Choose the color, the characteristics of the cable and even its size to make your CHARLESTON fit perfectly in the space where you want to place it.

We design and create your lamp with all the love and care your home deserves. You’re sure to like it!



This lamp is made with a combination of glue and 100% natural cotton yarn. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean it with a duster or a dry cloth to prevent moisture from damaging it.


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