Juju Hat wall decor JUJU COLORS


  • 30 cm - 11.81 in
  • 35 cm - 13.78 in
  • 40 cm - 15.75 in
  • 50 cm - 19.69 in
  • 60 cm - 23.62 in
  • 70 cm - 27.56 in
  • 80 cm - 31.50 in
  • 90 cm - 35.53 in
  • 100 cm - 39.37 in

Why hanging a JUJU COLORS in your home? Essentially, because a juju hat for decoration is an unique element, which gives color and life to any room. This feathered hat will become the center of the eyes of the room where you put it.

Juju hats come from the bird feather hats used in the tribes of Cameroon to symbolize the fragility of life in some ritual dances. Today, they are an object of decoration increasingly prized for their perfect combination of strength in color and fragility in the texture of the feathers.

At Geometrik Design we craft this decoration object. Therefore, we can customize it according to your requirements. Let your imagination run and explain to us how you want your feathered hat to be!

One of the great advantages of these juju hats is their versatility. You can place them in the dining room, in the living room, in the rooms or in the work spaces. One of the main reasons for its appeal is that it combines modern and ethnic touches to create an elegant and striking piece.

Tailor-made Juju hats

In Geometrik Design we create your juju hat for decoration customizing all its features so that you can have an unique product in your home. We work according to our inspiration, but never forget your desires. In this way, we offer you a juju hat that has no other like it, and that will fit perfectly in your home.

Don’t forget that we make your juju hat for decoration thinking only of you, and with all our love. We know you’ll love it!



In the production of juju hats we use natural feathers, tail and 100% natural cotton yarn. Therefore, we recommend cleaning it with a dry cloth or with a duster, without wetting it.

Weight N/A

20 cm – 7.87 in, 25 cm – 9.84 in, 30 cm – 11.81 in, 35 cm – 13.78 in, 40 cm – 15.75 in, 45 cm – 17.72 in, 50 cm – 19.69 in, 60 cm – 23.62 in, 70 cm – 27.56 in, 80 cm – 31.50 in, 90 cm – 35.53 in, 100 cm – 39.37 in


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