FLAT HAMMOCK – Hanging chair flat fabric


Hanging chair flat fabric HAMMOCK smooth thread, minimalist design, perfect for reading, watching TV or simply for resting. It is ideal for decorating your house, any room, bedroom, the garden, the office… creating a modern atmosphere, Nordic style, warm and welcoming.

You can personalize your own hammock, choosing the colour, the shape, the size…

Its weight is distributed evenly through the numerous suspensions ropes it has. The hammock is ideal for small spaces, due to its only need of one point of support. It is handmade from smooth thread, making it unique. It is a product born from the hand of a human being, its inspiration and motivation to create unique and special products.

Hanging chair flat fabric HAMMOCK is made with cotton thread, from an elaborate manual process consisting of various phases and that culminates with this work of art.

There is nothing like it.

Elaborated with a lot of love… you will love it!



HAMMOCK fabric is a minimalist design hanging chair, which guarantees you the greatest comfort inside and outside your home. You can use it to read, watch TV or just rest. And not just that. It is also an excellent element of home decoration. You can include it in the living room, the bedroom, the children’s room… in any space will be a success.

Comfort and design

By placing this hammock of fabric in your home you will create a modern, Nordic-style, warm and cozy atmosphere. Also, keep in mind that it is perfect for small spaces, as it only needs one support point for its installation. Its weight is evenly distributed by the numerous suspension cords it has.

This hammock also stands out for its comfort. As soon as you stretch on it, you’ll enjoy a unique feeling.

Handmade fabric hammock

The HAMMOCK hammock is handmade. Therefore, each of the hanging chairs we make at Geometrik Design is unique. There are no two models on the market.

It is a product born from the hands of a human being, his inspiration and his illusion to create unique and special products.

Quality materials

It is made of cotton fabric, through an elaborate manual process consisting of different phases and culminating in this unique work of art. Both the fabric and wood used for its production are of high quality.

The hammock weighs about 2 kg and measures 100–100 cms. It is designed to hold up to 100 kg of weight.

This fabric hammock is handmade. Therefore, it allows to be customized according to your needs. Decide the color of the fabric, the shape and the measure so that it fits perfectly in the decoration of your house.

Bet on Geometrik Design’s handcrafted hammocks!

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