My name is Mónica My name is Mónica[/caption]

Mónica Geometrik Design
Mónica Geometrik Design

My name is Mónica, I am a Barcelonan who has always been connected to the world of design and decoration. A loyal follower of the minimalist style, modern, Nordic and functional. My first testing was with my own home, my first project, converting a chocolate factory into my current living, a precious studio loft where geometric forms and the white colour conjugate with open atmospheres, not too overpowering, where the simplicity of the set and the harmonious disposition of each object dominate.

I am passionate about DIY (Do It Yourself). I started with my own lamps and then I carried on with poufs, hammocks, paintings…

From that moment, with the good acceptation that these creations had between family and friends, I set my objective of making these products reach anyone in the world who wanted to enjoy them and that was how this project, Geometrik Design started.

Nature inspires me, the light, the people, life itself, open areas, the textures, the harmony of the objects, the geometric shapes, the functionality of each product combining the decoration.

Mónica Geometrik Design
Mónica Geometrik Design

Contributing with a style to the decoration inspired in the minimalist esthetic, innovative creations in the originality of the suggestion and in the authenticity , of the hand-made products, plastering on each object a new and exclusive design offering a genuine vision of how to decorate your house o which ever space, without forgetting about the tendencies of the market.

The elaboration of these lamps consist of various steps, it is a thorough process, and especially… made with a lot of love! Depending on the shape I want to achieve I use the appropriate mold, normally I use balls, balloons… then I mix 100% natural cotton thread with water-reduced tail. Once the right mix is obtained, I keep at it until I manage to make a homogeny surface. The drying phase starts usually taking a couple of days to dry up. Once it is dry, I take the mould off and the build-up step has arrived, which usually includes the electric textile cable, the video portal and depending on its need I put a switch and plug or lid, if it is of a ceiling. These are products that since they are hand-made, they are unique and there is nothing like them.

All my products have the option to personalize them.

All the lamps have the option to choose your favourite shape, size, skin colour, electric textile cable colour…

The rest of the products, like hammocks, puffs, carpets and baskets you can choose the shape, size and colour of the skin.

Currently, Geometrik Design is reaching over to many parts of the world, growing constantly and making sure its creations are at your disposition… with a lot of love!